Tuesday 23rd February

23rd February 2021 0 By Mr Simmons

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Art Re-creation Competition

Thank you to those of you who took part in this challenge. Here are the top 4 entries for you to vote on:

A: American Gothic (Wood), B: Girl With a Pearl Earring (Vermeer) C: Young Girl Reading (Fragonard) D: Wheatfield with Crows (Van Gogh)

Leave a comment below to vote for your favourite picture. Just put your name and A,B,C or D. I will count the votes, but not publish the comments.

Voting ends at 7pm on Wednesday 24 February

Mr Simmons’ Joke of the Day


After a slight break, we start with a new set of questions in Fluency 5 in 46 today. The date is wrong on the questions and when I talk about the last couple of days, I actually mean before half term – I recorded these, then changed my plan on when I was going to post the lessons. We look at how the function machines you worked on at the end of last half term are actually a way to generate an algebraic expression. Then you will use substitution to solve the problems.

Sorry, it’s a little on the long side again today. If you were confident with the Fluency questions you can always fast forward to the end of that section, but go back if there are any you did not get correct.

A choice of Question paper for you today – choose either Korma questions if you are not feeling over confident with the substitution or go for Madras and Vindaloo:


In today’s session we are going to look at the skills required to write in a persuasive way. At Christmas we looked at how companies advertised their products through film – in this short unit we will explore how this can also be done in writing.

Have a look at these three examples of adverts:

What features did they use to make the toys seem appealing? What audience were they particularly appealing to? How could you describe the choice of language they used?

Task 1

Construct a ‘toolkit’ for effective persuasive writing. In other words, put together a list of all the good features you could put into a piece of persuasive writing. If you can think of other things (even if they have not been included in these adverts) you can still add these. Please send this into ClassDojo. In preparation for Thursday’s lesson I will compile your ideas into a whole class toolkit.

Task 2

Can you find other good examples of written adverts in newspapers/magazines or on the Internet. What is it that makes these particularly effective?


I would like you to read for at least 30 minutes each day. You can get more ideas and suggestions of reading material from the Reading@Home section above.


Last term we used Scratch to create our fossilisation animations. Did you know that you can access Scratch at home for free? This video from Barefoot computing (which was broadcast live earlier this month) will introduce the features of variables and set you a series of coding challenges:

If you are fully conversant with Scratch and you have used it before, maybe you could develop your skills further.

I look forward to hearing which challenges you were able to complete.

Family Challenge

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