Wednesday 3rd March

3rd March 2021 2 By Mr Simmons

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After a number of days of much better weather, it looks like the rains have decided to return – the DT activity today should be a fun one and will hopefully keep you busy and entertained indoors.

We are on the final stretch of the home learning track now and the end is very much in sight.

Mr Simmons’ Joke of the Day


Today we look at how powerful pictures can be to help you solve problems. There is no worksheet for today’s session. Just work through the video, have a go at the problems I set throughout, pausing the video, then look and listen as the answers are explained. If you are not able to access the video, this is a direct link.


Today sees the start of Cubert’s Science Week (which will be slightly longer than a week!).

You should have received an envelope through the post from Mrs Cairns with some scientific equipment. You can open it now.

Today you will be setting up the bread experiment. Carry out the activities detailed here:

This may only be a short session. However, the DT activity below may take you a little longer today:


I would like you to read for at least 30 minutes each day. You can get more ideas and suggestions of reading material from the Reading@Home section above.


Make a Rube Goldberg Machine

I hope you will find this a fun challenge. I would like to you to design, make, then film a ‘chain reaction’ machine.

The video above was recorded last year, but if you don’t have any Easter eggs yet, you can use any other materials you have around the house!

This next video shows you another example of a chain reaction machine.

Be as creative as you can be – think how you can use materials you find around the house. You will need to persevere – these machines rarely work first time!

This video gives some examples of how people have constructed domino rallies out of household objects.

If you need any more inspiration, look at this example:

There is no way you could do all this, but you may get some ideas of objects you could use in your chain reaction machine.

My favourite Rube Goldberg machine of all time can be seen in this fantastic advert for Honda:

By the way, I don’t expect you to be able to create anything like this level of complexity!

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