Thursday 21st May

21st May 2020 7 By Mr Simmons

Daily News

Results Time

Again, well done to everyone who took place in the Curlews Art Challenge and thank you for all the votes over the last couple of days. I am pleased to announce the winner is…

Well done to Sam for his wonderful recreation of Son of Man the 1964 painting by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte.

Mr Simmons’ Joke of the Day

My son and I went camping yesterday and when he asked me how to start a fire, I explained, “You can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, but make sure they are the same.”
He said, “Oh, then you’ll have a match.”



Select Summer Week 2 and go to Lesson 2 – Angles in regular polygons

Minimise (-) the Summer Week 5 lessons and select Summer Week 2 (+) tab.

Watch the introductory video, have a go at the activities on the worksheet (you can make a note of the answers on a piece of paper), then check the answers from the answer booklet.


Communication Hour

Even though the lock-down has eased recently and people have slightly more freedom to exercise and enjoy outdoor areas (while still adhering to social distancing measures) there are still a lot of people who have to shield themselves and are still not allowed out of their homes.

In fact, this is becoming a much harder time for these people as they have now been isolated for a long time and they know that other people are starting to gain slightly more freedom, which makes them feel like they are missing out on even more.

If you know someone in this situation, put a smile on their face by getting in touch with them today.

This could be:

  • Make a phone call or FaceTime them (with your parent/carer’s permission)
  • Send them an email (again, with permission)
  • Write them a letter letting them know you are thinking about them. Maybe draw a nice colourful picture – something that will cheer them up. Arrange for this to be delivered.

Remember that you can also listen along to every morning at 9:30.


Remember to keep on reading for at least 30 minutes each day. You can get more ideas and suggestions of reading material from the Reading@Home section above.


It’s session 8 of our cricket tutorial. Have a go at these catching activities.


Check your ClassDojo portfolio. I have given you login details for a website called Yumu – run by Charanga who we use for music lessons at school. Have an explore of the site and try some of the activities.

On the sheet, follow the details in the ‘No’ section.

Using the information from the videos you may like to draw a labelled picture, make a model of the sea bed or carry out some more research to find out about other animals that live in the depths of the ocean.

Family Question

Stay in Touch

Please continue to stay in touch, letting us know how you are getting on with your learning.