Ongoing Home Learning Activities (1st June – )

30th May 2020 4 By Mr Simmons

Instead of publishing a daily blog with learning activities, if you are continuing with your home learning programmes, please use the links below to give you some suggestions of what to continue working on at home.

The preferred method of communication will now be through the portfolio section of ClassDojo. Mrs Keohane will be approving and commenting on the work you submit over there. If you have a specific question for me, please continue to use the ClassDojo message facility or email and I will get back to you when I can (although there is likely to be more of a delay now).


White Rose

Continue to work through the White Rose Lessons – we had got up to Summer Term Week 2 Lesson 2. Be aware, when you get to the end of Week 3, there will be no more worksheets provided by White Rose, but you should be able to find the equivalent learning activities from the BBC Bitesize resources.

I See Maths

You have been doing great work based on Gareth Metcalfe’s I See Maths. You can continue to work through the activities here. The next lesson we would have done would have been Costs, Cacti & Cookies – scroll down to Friday 3rd April.

BBC Bitesize

Every Friday there will be a Maths Challenge on this page which I would like you to attempt.

As I wrote above, from 11th May onwards, the maths activities will align with the White Rose Maths Programme. You will have to match the dates up by scrolling through the pages.

Oak National Academy

I think a combination of the links above will give you a good mixture of maths activities. However, you can always dip into the activities here, but there will be quite a bit of repetition.


Radio Blogging

I really cannot recommend this site highly enough – I think it is one of the best things that has come out of the lockdown and home-schooling. A daily literacy-based radio show. Join in live and you may get a shoutout. Or go back and listen to past episodes.

BBC Bitesize

Each day a new English based activity will appear – a combination of grammar, writing and reading lessons throughout the week.

English With Holly

We have done a few of Holly’s spelling tests over the last few weeks. In addition, she also does some interesting English lessons. Have a look through her archive of videos and have a go at some of the activities – she tends to base most of her lessons on KS2 and KS3 content.

Oak National Academy

More daily lessons with grammar, writing, reading and spelling content


Please continue reading (at least half an hour each day). There are resource ideas available on the Reading@Home page.

Other Subjects

BBC Bitesize

Each day, an activity will appear on the page – it may be Science based, something from history or geography. Pick and choose from these as you wish.

Oak National Academy

Again, each day has another lesson – we have used a few of the art lessons which have been good and I understand the Science lessons are interesting.

Ancient Egypt Project

Please continue with the research and presentation of your facts from the Ancient Egyptians.

ORCA Project

Some of you have been enjoying finding out about the whales and dolphins. The rest of the series is available here. The next video we would have watched is Lesson 9 – EcoSystem Engineers


Chance to Shine Cricket

All the activities to develop your cricket skills can be found on this website


If you enjoyed the Ice experiments and the Rube Goldberg machines, there are more ideas for science learning here.

Previous Blog Entries

Go back and check the links in all our previous blog entries (going all the way back to Monday 23rd March) and you may find previous activities and links of things you didn’t do at the time – for example, the computing activities which could be attempted.

Also check out the Online Resources page for more ideas and suggestions.

I hope this will give you plenty of ideas on how you can continue your learning while at home. As I say, I am sure that Mrs Keohane will enjoy seeing your work on your ClassDojo portfolio.

Keep your eye on this blog page as I intend to upload some ideas and activities that we will be working on at school which you could also take part with at home!