Transition Project (for those of you learning at home)

12th June 2020 2 By Mr Simmons

Hello. I hope you are all keeping well and not missing the daily jokes too much!

Next week in school we will be starting on a project in preparation for your move to secondary school. This will be a project entitled ‘All About Me’.

The first part of the project will be to produce a good quality poster which you will be able to take to your secondary school. The poster should have information about you and your life – hobbies, interests, sports, family, pets, your favourite foods, films, books – in fact, anything that sums you up.

How you present it is entirely up to you, but I have put some ideas below.

Take a bit of time and care with these posters. I will share the second part of the transition programme with you next week. Keep hold of the posters you produce and take them with you to your secondary school when you start.

Starting Secondary School

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about secondary transfer, there are some good videos on this page which explore some of the issues and may address some worries you may have about moving onto a new school.

Continue with your learning

Remember, in addition to this, to continue accessing work from the BBC Bitesize site – new lessons are added each day and you can also carry on from we left off with resources from White Rose Maths and I See Maths. All the details and links are available here:

What? You are missing the jokes. OK, here’s a good one for you…

Mr Simmons’ Jokes of the Day

Someone broke into my house and stole all my lightbulbs. I know I should be more upset, but I am absolutely delighted.

What did the tin man say when he got run over by a steamroller?
Curses! Foiled again.

Why is there music coming from the printer?
Maybe the paper is jamming.

I have a fear of elevators, but I’ve started taking steps to avoid it.