Transition Programme Week 4 (for those working at home)

3rd July 2020 2 By Mr Simmons

I hope you are all keeping well and finding the Be Awesome Go Big resources useful to help you prepare for the move to secondary school. In our class bubbles we have been trying to implement the growth mindset ideas from Session 2.

This week I have put up the links to the next two sessions of the programme and an another activity (not secondary transition related) which you may enjoy taking part in.

Be Awesome: Go Big

Go through the slides in each session’s presentation and watch the videos, then have a go at answering the questions in the workbook pages. It is not necessary to print out these pages – you can just jot down the answers on a piece of paper or discuss them with someone at home.

Session 5: Lost but not Lost

The links for the videos are here:

Session 6: Bouncebackability

The videos are here:

Mr Men Book

You are probably familiar with the Mr Men.

Your challenge is to invent a brand new Mr Man of your own design. Think of the name – see how many of these are to do with a particular personality. Then design their appearance – try to base it on the Roger Hargreaves style – see how most of them have a face in their bodies and very short legs!

Once you have done this, design the house they would live in. In most cases, the houses represent their personality in some way. They are always coloured in bright, usually primary, colours.

As an extra challenge, I would then like you to plan, write and illustrate a Mr Man style story. The storylines often involve the character using their characteristic to help others, or to learn a lesson about their own personality.

I look forward to seeing the ideas you come up with for this task.

Mr Simmons’ Joke of the Day

The jokes on my calendar this week have been very poor indeed. I have had to go into my book of Dad Jokes for this one:

I’ve fallen in love with a pencil and we are getting married.
I can’t wait to introduce my parents with my bride 2B.

I’m a very successful scarecrow which isn’t a job for everyone…but hay, it’s in my jeans.