Online Resources

Hundreds of companies have generously agreed to provide free access to their online learning platforms while the schools are shut. Below I have listed a small selection of these – please be aware that some may be under pressure from increased Internet traffic and others may not remain free for the whole time that schools are shut. I have checked these as best I can, but some may not provide full access without paying.


Literacy Planet

Log into this with your school username and password. A wide variety of English based activities and games. For a bit of relaxation you can play Word Mania. If you cannot find your username or password, get in touch with me through ClassDojo and I can let you have this information.

Spelling Shed

Log in with your school username and password. Rehearse your spellings. Select a list or make your own based on the words you find tricky. Choose what level of game to play and go. If you are in touch with other class members, set up a Hive game and see who is the best! If you cannot find your username or password, get in touch with me through ClassDojo and I can let you have this information.

Top Marks

A wide variety of English based games to play and enjoy. If you find a good one, leave a comment below with a hyperlink.

BBC Bitesize

Again, lots and lots of English activities. Keep checking back here – I think, after Easter, this will become one of the main recommended learning areas for all pupils in the UK. Find a good one? Let us know in a comment section below.

Radio Blogging

A daily radio station with warm up games and writing activities. Listen live and join in and you may even get a shout out!

English with Holly – Web Based Lessons

Join a daily live lesson streaming at 10:55am on Facebook (and previous lessons available afterwards). Holly will introduce a range of Literacy activities. Lesson resources are available afterwards in the public Facebook Group.

Reading Resources

A list of suggestions for sources of books and reading activities available online.


Times Table Rockstars

Log in with your school username and password. Plenty of games and challenges – work your way up the leaderboard, move from Wannabe to Rock Star, play in festivals and challenge other members of the class. You also have access to Numbots through this login – this looks at a fast recall of your addition and subtraction number facts if this is an area you would benefit from developing. If you cannot find your username or password, get in touch with me through.

BBC Bitesize

Many, many maths lessons and games – brush up on any of those areas that you are not feeling all that confident about. Found something good? Leave a comment so others can try it out for themselves.

Maths Frame

Challenges, games and activities to reinforce the quick recall of number facts and multiplication tables.

Maths with Carol Vorderman

Free access to the maths website.


Doctor Chip’s Daily Dose of Science, Engineering & Computing

A daily lesson from Jonathan Chippindall to explore and enjoy.

Science with Maddie Moate

Weekdays at 11am – Maddie and Greg chat about science and nature.

BBC Bitesize

Choose and aspect of science and explore it deeper.

Explorify at Home

Follow these links for activities you can carry out at home – scroll down thr page for the Age 9-11 resource:


Pete McKee’s Cartoon Workshop for Beginners

Every Wednesday at 12pm a video will be uploaded. You don’t need lots of equipment – a few pieces of paper and some pencils or pens.


Beat Goes On – Body Percussion

Daily body percussion sessions at 11am (or catch up on previous sessions through Ollis Tunmer’s You Tube channel.

Music with Myleene Klass

Twice a week – but can be viewed at any time.

RSNO Weekly Challenge

Join the Royal Scottish National Orchestra for a fun challenge each week.


Joe Wicks Daily PE Session

Dance with Oti Mabuse

Every day at 11:30am but you can view the class at any time.

Cosmic Yoga

Cricket Skills

It is from ‘Cricket for Girls’, but it isn’t just for girls!

Go Noodle

Learn a Skill

BBC Dance Mat Touch Typing

Spend this time to learn a skill which will stay with you for life – follow the tutorials to develop your touch typing skills.

Learn Sign Language

Join Natasha every day as she teaches British Sign Language in a short daily video.

Other Resources


A free premium service available with the code UKTWINKLHELPS to access worksheets, PowerPoints and interactive games to support all areas of learning.

Scholastic UK Free Home Learning Pack

Register for free for more resources to use.

TTS Activity Book,584,037,589,000

Download and pick which activities you would like to complete.

This list is by no means exhaustive and when I find other good examples, I will put them on here.