Thursday 4th March

4th March 2021 0 By Mr Simmons

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Welcome to Countdown Day (4/3/21).

And of course, Happy World Book Day. If you go onto ClassDojo you will be able to see if you can guess the identity of the masked readers.

I really enjoyed seeing your Rube Goldberg machines from yesterday’s DT session – if you are still working on your idea it is not too late to video it and send it in.

Mr Simmons’ Joke of the Day


In what I think will be my final recorded video, we start with six more arithmetic questions before a recap on how to use pictures to solve problems.

After watching this, have a go at these questions. Please make sure you show all your workings (drawing the pictures when necessary) as you go through the questions. You will probably need a clean sheet of paper – don’t try to fit it all on the question sheet.

There was a mistake on the original worksheet – question 2 should have said 3TVs. I have updated the sheet – sorry!


Today is World Book Day. You can use the time today to either:

  • finish off the writing activity you started on Tuesday
  • work on another activity from the Usborne challenge page
  • carry out any other World Book Day related activity. You can find more ideas and activities on the official World Book Day website:
  • or watch CBBC (or watch on BBC Teach)at 11:30 this morning for a special World Book Day Live Lesson.


I would like you to read for at least 30 minutes each day. You can get more ideas and suggestions of reading material from the Reading@Home section above.


Over our time of home learning, we have been basing our Geography learning on the country of Brazil. In this final online session, we turn our attention to the people who live in the rainforests of Brazil. We will complete the topic once we are back at school.

Family Challenge

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