Thursday 26th March

Morning Notices Welcome to our last day of this term. Tomorrow was going to be an INSET day, so your Easter break starts then – I’ll still put up the occasional post (as I know you will miss the jokes). The work from this week will remain up here and there is still going to…

By Mr Simmons 26th March 2020 16

Wednesday 25th March

Morning Notices Please ask your parent to connect to ClassDojo (if they have not done so already). If you cannot find the login information, email me on and I will send you the information again. Mr Simmons’ Daily Joke I gave all my dead batteries away today…free of charge. Wake Up Shake Up Either…

By Mr Simmons 24th March 2020 35

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Morning Notices Good morning. Thank you to everyone who has, over the last few days, registered on the ClassDojo account or left a comment in this blog. These are great ways to stay in touch. I have now set up an email address: – use this to send me some examples of the work…

By Mr Simmons 24th March 2020 13

Monday 23rd March 2020

Morning Notices Good morning and welcome to our first week of online learning. As we receive further advice, I am sure the look of this will change in the coming weeks. However, I am planning on putting up a post every morning this week with some ideas for the day. Other ideas will appear on…

By Mr Simmons 23rd March 2020 25

Welcome to your new Classroom

While we are unable to gather together to learn at school, we will be using technology to a much greater extent to continue. Things will look very different – be prepared for things to change as new advice comes through. I am sure there will be teething problems along the way but I am sure…

By Mr Simmons 19th March 2020 52

Dig For Victory

For this year’s harvest assembly, the theme was looking at harvest festivals through history. Based on our topic area of World War 2 we found out information about the Dig For Victory campaign. Working together in small groups, the class put together separate elements building towards this video. We hope you enjoy it.

By Mr Simmons 26th October 2019 2

Environmental Day

Today we have been learning about environmental issues and that, to help the planet, people can fall into a category of a doer, a shopper, a learner or a shouter. After an assembly and a further discussion of the issues in class, all the pupils worked together to create the following animations which give an…

By Mr Simmons 11th October 2019 0

A New Year: A New Flock of Curlews

Firstly, I need to start with an apology – I am very sorry that I have not been updating this page from the start of the year. This does not mean that we have not been busy though! In Maths we have been familiarising ourselves with the methods of calculation, reinforcing our previous learning and…

By Mr Simmons 7th October 2019 1