Transition Programme Week 2 (for those learning at home)

19th June 2020 5 By Mr Simmons

I hope everyone is keeping well. As promised, for those of you currently learning at home, this blog entry has details of three further activities you can work on at home as part of our transition programme.

Word Mania

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been playing over the last couple of weeks. Our Year 6 team managed to reach 12th position in the world on the leaderboard.

We have qualified for the final – have a couple of day’s rest and prepare to score often and score big from Wednesday to Friday in the grand final – let’s see if we can get in the Top 10 – maybe even beat our 9th position from the competition earlier this year!

Now, onto the transition tasks:

Task 1: Write a letter to your form tutor

You need to plan, draft, edit and present a letter which you will give to your form tutor.

You will need to introduce yourself: give a little bit of background information about you and your life.  Let them know what you are looking forward to, what you are perhaps a little anxious about when starting secondary school and what you feel your own strengths and weaknesses are.

Your letter needs to be personable, interesting and well presented – take some time and effort on this task.  After writing the letter, it can be decorated with relevant pictures or a decorative border.

Task 2: Make a transition box

Follow the instructions in the link below to make your own transition box – you can use this to store your transition work in and take it to your secondary school (you may need to fold your poster!)

You will need a cereal box for this activity as well as a ruler, scissors and glue or tape.

Task 3: Preparing for Secondary

Over the next few weeks we are going to be working through a transition programme called ‘Be Awesome: Go Big‘. I shall put up the sessions on here each week so you can follow along at home.

The programme references two books – ‘You are Awesome’ and ‘Go Big’. You do not need to read these to follow this course.

Go through the slides in each session’s presentation and watch the videos, then have a go at answering the questions in the workbook pages. It is not necessary to print out these pages – you can just jot down the answers on a piece of paper or discuss them with someone at home.

Session 1: Being Awesome

If the links for the videos do not work, you can watch them here:

Work through the questions:

Session 2: Unlocking Your Mind

If the links for the videos do not work from the presentation, you can watch them here:

Work through the questions:

I shall put up the next sessions of the programme next week. In the meantime…

Mr Simmons’ Jokes of the Day

A hurricane just hit the main cheese factory in France. All that’s left is de-brie.

For a while, Houdini used a lot of trapdoors in his act, but he was just going through a stage.

I had to get a new pair of scissors today. The old ones just weren’t cutting it.