Wednesday 24th February

24th February 2021 0 By Mr Simmons

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Two quick reminders this morning.

  1. If you didn’t vote yesterday for your winner for the art re-creation challenge, do so at the bottom of yesterday’s blog.
  2. If you have not yet registered for any of the World Book Week sessions next week there may be a chance to do so now before all the available spaces are filled. Full details here.

It was good to see an increasing number of submissions to ClassDojo yesterday after a slower than normal start after the half term. As the end of home learning gets ever closer, I would urge everyone to continue sending in their work – this is the only way I can see what you are doing and provide any additional help or support you may need. It also helps you to maintain some some of routine so that when we return to school on the 8th March it will not be a massive shock to your system. If you have been making the most of the opportunity to have later nights and longer lie ins in the morning, you will need to start getting your body used to normal school timings.

A chance for you to stay fit today with a live cricket lesson. All previous sessions are available on the website, or you may prefer to find your own fitness programmes (Joe Wicks/yoga etc.)

Mr Simmons’ Joke of the Day


Another opportunity to work through similar questions to yesterday in a Fluency 5 in 46 today, followed by a demonstration of how substitution can be used to solve a range of puzzles.

Have a go at solving these problems. You can pick and choose which ones you tackle – just make it clear on your sheet which answers relate to which questions and try to show the stages you went through to solve the problem.


In today’s session I would like you to invent a new toy/game/gadget – you can use an existing idea and adapt it to suit your own interests or really let your creative juices flow and come up with something brand new!

Finding it hard to start? Need a little inspiration? You can see some ideas other children have had for inventions at the Kids Invent Stuff channel:

Kids Invent Stuff

I know some of you are familiar with this site as I have heard you talking about it before.


Once you have an idea (or have been able to find an existing idea to adapt) sketch this out and annotate your diagram with the key features. As an example (and to show you that it doesn’t need to look perfect) here is an invention I started to think about:

Children can earn time on the trampoline by doing jobs around the house. The better they do, the better the effects on the trampoline, which are controlled by the parent on an app. As well as a trampoline, jumping can set off a light show, or play music. Then air vents will sent the child up into the bubble to float around and feel like they are in space!


I would like you to read for at least 30 minutes each day. You can get more ideas and suggestions of reading material from the Reading@Home section above.


If you have access to a camera at home – have a look at this video – many of these ideas will work on a mobile phone’s camera (or even a laptop’s webcam) – have a go at some of these ideas.

(It says 10 Photography tricks, but I had to edit some out as they were not all appropriate for you to do!)

Plan your photographic ideas and then work on producing them – you can work with other members of your family.

I look forward to seeing your pictures on ClassDojo.

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